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Financial Score Meter
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What is a Financial Score?

Your financial Scoring looks at 48 unique metrics and accurately reveals your retirement readiness, tax efficiency, risk diversification and capital deployment efficiency in every area needed to build and protect your net worth. All metrics use your age and proximity to retirement to make scoring determinations. Use your financial Score and its sub scores to improve your financial position.

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- Income/Debt Subscore

Your score in this domain identifies accessible funds and your efficient deployment of those funds, additionally this score highlights your current income to expense efficiency.

- Investments Subscore

Your score in this domain reveals your risk allocation, investment sophistication, diversification profile, the balanced deployment of new capital and use of tax efficient programs.

- Insurance Subscore

Your score in this domain reveals efficient use of insurance for tax benefits, living benefits, death benefit in correlation to your objectives.

- Real Estate Subscore

Your score in this domain reveals balanced equity position and positive cash flow on any investment properties relative to debt service.

- Retirement Planning Subscore

Your score in this domain reveals total asset value relative to age and risk posture proximal to retirement, as well as efficient use of all available tax strategies to insure maximum withdrawal advantage throughout retirement. This score also incorporates use of estate planning tools.

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